Extract title from .html webpage

I am deploying an integration of Raindrop to Telegram Bot, but when I try to extract the Title of the webpages, it is impossible for me. I have used onesimpleapi, but with .html pages says “The operation failed with an error. [405] The provided URL is not accesible” The web I am trying to extract the title is: “La 'tasa Google' se desinfla: seis países europeos la abandonarán tras su fracaso en ingresos
Any help?
If you need more information about the issue, let me know.

PD: I am sorry if the format is not the correct, I am not very familiar with this type of text format.

Thank You.


You could probably sort it with the “HTTP” module calling the mentioned URL and then the “Text Parser - Match pattern” module with the use of the appropriate regular expression.

An easier option might, however, be to use the “Split” and “Get” functions as in the pictures below.

I hope it helps.

Cheerio :cat_roomba:


The response you got says that the page does not support this method of loading. What HTTP request method do you use to request the page? Most likely not GET but some other method. And the page responds that it does not support this method. When I set the GET method, everything worked successfully.