How can I extract the title of a web blog

Hey there, I want to extract from a webpage, only the title, to make a Telegram to Raindrop bot, and parse there the title of the link.

For example: I have the web blog URL:
and the title of the entry is: “Supporting U.S. food banks to deliver 50 million meals”

How can I extract that title from the HTML link?

Thank you.

PD: If you need further details, let me know.



I would look for a free or cheap web scrapping solution or anything that can get me the HTML of the page. Then you could parse this for the title.

One Simple API seems to look good and they offer the option to extract information like the title of a website:
In you would need to connect the One Simple API Account and then you can select to extract the title from a URL and then do whatever you need.

Is this a free plan? Or, do I need to pay for it?