Extract User Insight from Instagram to Google Sheets

How do I get the town/city name of Instagram audience and its number and place it on each line in Google Sheets?

:dart: My Goal
My hope is to be able to create database tables in Google Sheets like the image below:

:repeat: What I’ve Done

  1. I’m using the “Get User Insight” module by selecting the “Audience town/city” metric.

  2. Then generate data as follows:

  3. Then I iterate the data using the “Iterator” module with the following parameters:

  4. From the iteration process I get the following data:

  5. Then I integrated the data with Google Sheets with the following parameters:

  6. So that it produces a database in Google Sheets as follows:

:anger: Problem
How can I also include the “value” of each city name that I have successfully integrated in each row on Google Sheets?

:file_folder: Scenario JSON
blueprint.json (21.5 KB)

:camera_flash: Relevant screenshots

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Try the get function:


As first parameter you can put the Values[] object from module 1. Second parameter will probably be 14. Value[].

So basically you’re accessing every collection field from the object in module 1 via its field name you obtained via the operator a bit further:

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Per your suggestion, I’m trying to include the following parameters in my Google Sheets module:

And according to my goals it works! Thank you for the help.

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Hello @Loopz , so far the solution you suggested works very well on data other than “Audience town/city”. But I’m having trouble with the “Audience gender age” data.

Here is the data I got from “Audience gender age”:

Then with the same “Iterator” and “Google Sheets” configuration, in the database in Google Sheets the “value” Audience gender age section doesn’t display anything. Meanwhile, on other types of data it works very well.

Here are the parameters I use on the iterator and Google Sheets:

And this is the result:

I hope there is a solution to the problem I’m facing.

That looks like a side effect of the ‘get’ function. As soon as you type a . In the second ‘get’ parameter, Make considers this as a nested property you’re trying to access.
I don’t know a solution by heart and cannot try anything at the moment.
Please have a look at the docs of the get function and see if there’s anything written about this situation

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Any chance you can change the sub category names in instagram?
Or try enclosing the second parameter with single quotes?

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I don’t think so. Maybe I have to look more for the most effective and efficient way in the documentation provided. Thanks for the input and suggestions. :grin: