Colect Bundle 2 values

Hello, I have a question, I hope you can guide me, I have already exhausted all attempts at solutions, searches, chatgpt and everything else.

I have an Instagram module (Get User Insights) where I want to get the city and gender metrics, the return brings me 1 bundles, the first I can capture without problems, but I am not able to capture the values of the second using get, I attach an image with more illustrated explanations.

I appreciate any light on this problem

Hi @Bethoven,

Let me know if my assumption is correct or not for this. You are getting two separate bundles from IG Get User Insights Module, and you want to get the Second Bundle of data returned from Module as part of the GSheet entry, right?

If the above assumption is true, then I think you need to have an array aggregator right after the IG module that will covert the resultant bundle into a single bundle that you can then later use in the Iterator that you have.

After which, you can then use the get or map function to get the data from Gender Specific insights in Gsheets that you have.

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