Getting Data from Google Analytics

Hi everyone!

Could really use some help from people mofre knowledgable than me! I’m trying to figure out how I can process data from Google Analytics.

In my specific example im getting the session source from Google analytics which then fetches as 6 bundles. I understand that I would then have to use an iterator in order to seperate this data. I put the array tag from google analytics fetched info into the iterator and end up getting 6 “operations”. I then want this info to go into a google sheet seperatley but i cant seems to get seperate values for the fetched infomation. It only gives me the options of “Value”.

How can i get it so each of the fetched metrics are sperate and i can call on their tags seeratley to go into my spreadhseet. Hope that makes sense!

Hi @Jamie_Harris
Iterator module receive array and returns bundles
since the output of the Google Analytics is already return the output as bundles the iterator module is non relevant


Hi Dorian,

Thanks for the reply! That makes sense. When i try to update specific cells on google sheet with the output from google analytics I can’t select specific bundles. rather it only lets me select all of the bundles at once. Am i missing something or is this a google analytic specific module issue? ill attach a screenshot of my value options for a google sheet cell. Thanks!