Getting data from a bundle?

Hi All, I’m using the HTTP - Make a request integration to connect to an API.
I’m connecting fine, and my output gives me one bundle with headers (Array), cookie headers(array) and Data(Collection).

If I open up Data I then get 1(Collection), 2(Collection),3(Collection) etc.
If I open 1 - I then see the 3 sections of actual data I need (id), (url), (title).

I’m then using Iterator to try and get the 3 sets of information of all the different collections (26) but I cannot get it to list them so that I can then add that data to a google sheet.

How can I get it to separate the data into 3 fields of data, so I can then tell google to have 26 row of 3 columns?

Hi have you tried the map function?

As example:
When you get a Calendly Event you will get this:

It´s the same structure you described.

Now I also use the ITERATOR Module and after this the SET MULTIPLE VARIABLES.


I use the Map Function to get the right data.

This is how I get the needed data out of the collections.


In the iterator it will allow me to map the items, but I have to manually add each bundle, I was hoping it would do the API, then say ok, there are 26 results, each with 3 columns which I can then assign, rather than me telling it there is 26 results with 3 columns. If I add a new item later on today within the API then before I can run this again, I will need to edit the scenario to say there is another result now…

I’m still learning tbf so I’m sure I must be doing this wrong!

In the Iterator you use add the DATA Collection. Then, the Iterator will always show all collections, that are available.

I would try to use the Repeater Module and a counter in the Varibales to get every Dataset.

Hi, Thank for that - I’ve selected that and I get 1 bundle, with 26 collections of 3 columns. I dont seem to be able to get it to count the collections - it just seems to show the bundles.