Extracting name, email and phone numbers from gmail to google sheets

Hello everyone, total newbie here trying to extract from a bunch of emails the contacts info like name, email and phone numbers. The order doesn’t matter.
I did a test on my own gmail with a module of google contacts and directly to google sheets module and nothing came through, yet there are no errors.
Is there any tutorial you can point me to, or a showcase, or a youtube video to learn how to do it? I realize that is not a complex task but I’m really lost here.
Thank you

Welcome to the Make community!

When asking for help with creating a regex pattern for a text parser module, I suggest you copy and paste some example text here as well so that we can run it against test patterns.

If you do not provide proper examples, you could be wasting our time as we have to guess your sample input. Not only that, you may not get the correct answer, or it may take several “guesses”.

Don’t forget to format the pasted text as code to preserve the formatting.

Help us help you. Thanks

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