Facebook Inisght - No conversion Data

Hello there, i have an issue with Facebook Insight data.
I have just create an automation with google Ads and Facebook Ads, every day at 00.01 send some data to a Google Sheet, including conversion. And here the issue, because i can’t receive any data from Conversion, i try to change a lot of option inside of the scenario but without result.

Someone have had the same issue and figure out how can solve it?

Nobody can help me about this issue?

Hey DiegoBono. I got the same problem now :frowning:

Did you find a solution?


By utilizing the Facebook API directly and leveraging the flexibility of make.com’s HTTP block, you have more control over retrieving the Facebook Insight data, including conversions, for their automation workflow.
Expert Help !

Alright. This can be a good solution

Hello @DiegoBono :wave:

just wanted to jump in and make sure that you found a solution to your problem. If yes could you share it with us so other users can use it while dealing with similar troubles?

Thanks a ton :rose: