Facebook Insight - Page Stats


I have a question regarding the Facebook Insights module in make.com. Is it possible that this module does not provide page statistics, or am I doing something wrong? According to the Facebook Pages API documentation, it is possible to obtain the data I need (Page/insights - Graph API - Documentation - Meta for Developers). However, the Facebook Insights module in make.com only allows retrieving statistics for campaigns and ads, and the Facebook Page module is extremely limited compared to the capabilities presented in the API documentation.

None of the Facebook modules also provide the ability to make API calls, and obtaining OAuth2 via HTTP and registering my own business application in the Facebook Graph API seems to miss the point.

Therefore, is there any way to make a custom request, authenticating using the existing OAuth connection in make.com? Or do any of the available modules in make.com offer these methods?

Additionally, I would like to ask if it is possible to authenticate from a custom module, using Facebook OAuth with the same callback that make.com uses (if it is publicly available)?

I would appreciate any help and suggestions.

Best regards.