Facebook Lead Ads Custom fields to separate Klaviyo lists


I am relatively new to these setups, however I’d love to move from Zapier over here. I just love the endless options :slight_smile: However, I’d need some direction on how to work with Facebook Lead Ads integration to Klaviyo.

This is my use-case:

I have a Facebook Lead Ad with Form. This form has one conditional question, let’s say: Which service would you prefer?
There would be three options from which people can choose:
a) branding
b) webdesign
c) content

Based on what they choose, I need to create a Profile within a specific Klaviyo list: “People who wants content”, “people who want this”, and that… You can imagine.

What I tried was doing this in the beginning:
New Lead → Get Lead Infos → Aggregator → Filtering based on array… but that’s where I stopped because the campaign is not created yet, and therefore there are no leads to test it with and I didn’t know which stuff to pick into “Group by” (If I understand it correctly, that’s what I should do in Aggregator, right? :smiley: )

So I’m not sure if I go the right way or there is a better way on how to do this.

How should I set up this flow to achieve what I need to?

If there is a thread on this issue, please direct me to it, I was searching for this use-case for some time now and didn’t find what I needed.

The reason is that my Klaviyo lists will have a different automation flow - a different content.

Thank you hundreds times!

EDIT (thank you Henk for directions :slight_smile: ):

This is where I stopped:

What I am trying to achieve is when a new lead from Facebook Lead ads comes, it will have an information about which service they are interested in. Based on their selection I need to distribute them into the respectives Klaviyo Lists, because each list will have a slightly different content in the email flow associated with that specific list.

Below attaching my Blueprint (I know most probably that’s a wrong setup hahah)

Facebook Lead Ads Integration.json (46.0 KB)

In the following screenshot is my “Get a Form” Outputs.

Ultimately, I don’t know where to associate each array result and how to setup the aggregator (or if it’s even done by the aggregator what I’m trying to achieve).


Hi @Miriam_K,

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We will need more information on your setup to help you. Why are you using an aggregator, and for what array?

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Hi @Henk-Operative thanks for the directions! I edited my previous question so it has all the necessary infos :slight_smile: Thanks

Hi @Miriam_K,

We can follow your logic now, thank you :slight_smile:

Can you copy the Output Bundles from the Facebook Lead Ads modules, too? (I used Calendly as an example, that doesn’t matter)
Scherm­afbeelding 2024-05-29 om 12.05.45

You may literally paste JSON in a new response. I am trying to understand how the answer is passed form Facebook Lead Ads, as I assume there is a more efficiënt way to map the answer and filter it.


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Sure, here it is good sir :slight_smile:

“allow_organic_lead”: false,
“block_display_for_non_targeted_viewer”: true,
“context_card”: {
“title”: “test”,
“content”: [
“id”: “3612038705676945”
“expired_leads_count”: 0,
“follow_up_action_url”: “https://markwetrust.com/”,
“is_optimized_for_quality”: false,
“leads_count”: 0,
“legal_content”: {
“id”: “1125773208676942”,
“privacy_policy”: {
“url”: “Legal | Mark We Trust
“locale”: “en_US”,
“name”: “test-copy-copy”,
“organic_leads_count”: 0,
“page”: {
“name”: “Mark We Trust”,
“id”: “103894459143948”
“page_id”: “103894459143948”,
“privacy_policy_url”: “Legal | Mark We Trust”,
“question_page_custom_headline”: “testing”,
“questions”: [
“key”: “service”,
“label”: “service”,
“options”: [
“key”: “branding”,
“value”: “branding”
“key”: “content”,
“value”: “content”
“key”: “webdesign”,
“value”: “webdesign”
“type”: “CUSTOM”,
“id”: “215883434951113”
“key”: “email”,
“label”: “Email”,
“type”: “EMAIL”,
“id”: “755609230082602”
“key”: “full_name”,
“label”: “Full name”,
“type”: “FULL_NAME”,
“id”: “1476175853027085”
“status”: “ACTIVE”,
“leadgenId”: “523848820113471”,
“dateCreated”: “2024-05-28T13:46:34.000Z”

Thank you, Miriam!

mm, it seems like you are only retrieving the form object. I see there are questions with possible answers. However, this is not a response from a lead and a given answer of the form.

Retrieving the Form itself and retrieving a response to the form are separate things. Is it possible for you to do a test and fill in the form, to see what you receive in Make whenever the form is filled in?

Based on the response, you can map answers, filter and pass the information to the right Klaviyo list


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Yes, well, the campaign doesn’t run yet, but here is the output of a test lead below:

“leadgenId”: “815877456746794”,
“formId”: “523848820113471”,
“isOrganic”: true,
“dateCreated”: “2024-05-29T11:48:42.000Z”,
“data”: {
“service”: [
“email”: “test@fb.com”,
“full_name”: “”

Hiya, @Henk-Operative I think I found the way! I deleted aggregator and went with Router directly applying filters :slight_smile: Just tested it and it works perfectly.


Yes, that is perfect! Much more efficient. No need for an aggregator :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your solution.



Hey there @Miriam_K :wave:

Just wanted to drop by and pat you and @Henk-Operative on the back for the great job you did while figuring out the solution.

Thanks for guiding us through the process. Keep up the good work! :clap: