Facebook Lead -> Hubspot

Hello everyone,

I would like to create a contact and a deal in Hubspot for a new lead in Facebook and then automatically link the two together. For a new lead, the contact is also created, but the deal is not created in the sales pipeline in the corresponding phase. What exactly did I miss? And how can I determine in which pipeline and in which deal stage the deal should enter?

This is what I created (see screenshot)

Greetings David

Hi @Admin2 ,

When you link a contact to a deal by using the Create an Association module, I’d recommend adding a delay of 10 seconds after the Create a Deal module. Please refer to the below screenshot:

Also, for setting up a Deal Stage, I recommend you set the Deal Stage. Please refer to the below screenshot:


Hi Jay_sha,

thanks for the hint. I have now figured out how to define the deal stage and the sales pipeline. Currently the scenario looks like my screenshot and it is running. But thanks anyway for the tip about the sleep module. If there are any problems, I’ll add it :slight_smile: