'Failed to load data! But scenario still works

Hi everyone

I have a scenario with several google sheets modules.

Some of them say ‘failed to load data!’ but the scenario still works fine.

However, the problem is that I can no longer see how the filters are set in the sheets modules.

Does anyone know what the problem could be?

Hi @Jan, I didn’t have that issue yet. But I guess what’s happening is the following:

You are mapping the Spreadsheet with a variable and then try to select the Sheet. The Module is therefore trying to load the sheets in the Spreadsheet you chose. But because you put in a variable, the module is not able to load the Sheets. You need to map the Sheet as well, I guess.

I’d love to hear if it solved your problem! :slight_smile:

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Hi Richard

Unfortunately, this does not solve my problem.

If I map the sheet, all filters are empty.

Hi @Jan , sad to hear!
But what do you mean by “filters are empty”?
You can still choose the columns in the filter section.

I have set numerous filters in the google sheets modules in the scenario.

they still work, so they are active but i don’t know how they are set because i don’t see them.

when i map the sheet the filters are empty. this is of course not what i want.

Okay, sadly I don’t really understand where you need help.
You are using the Module “Search Rows” to search specific rows from a Google Sheets based on conditions. Within this filter section you can just specify your condition.
Do you want to get all “deliveries” which are not “delivered” yet? All customers who are “in acquisition” phase?..

[Uploading: Bildschirmfoto 2022-07-04 um 09.41.31.png…]

I have created a scenario with several google sheets modules. (see appendix 1)

it has several filters in the different google sheets modules. and the scenario works as it should.

If I now open a google sheets module, the error message ‘Failed to load data!’ is displayed for ‘Sheet’. So I can’t see how the filters are set.(see attachment 2)

If I now also map the sheet, the filters are empty. (see appendix 3)

I can’t remember how I set the filters in the 25 Google Sheets modules. So now if I want to change something or there is an error, I have a problem.

So my goal is to get rid of the error message ‘Failed to load data!’ and see again how I set the filters.

Hi @Jan,
thanks for summarising!
But if the workflow works as it should and you have filters in place → you already have filter in place? Just look which filter you set for this specific module and put it into the module again? :smiley: