FB Lead Ads GetResponse Integration Error

I created a test lead at the Lead Ads Testing Tool site

I then check in the Make history and it says:

Scenario was deactivated by Make

Scenario has encountered an error while being processed. Fix the error or clear the queue. The reason is: [200] Email is blocked…

Is this something at the GetResponse end that needs looking into? Is it blocking something from Make?

The lead is created according to Make, but it did not go into the GetResponse list.

Welcome to the Make community!

It seems like GetResponse has banned your email for spam. Please contact GetResponse support for more details.

In the meantime you can handle errors from the GetResponse module in your scenario, so that it doesn’t get deactivated.

You might want to add some error handling to your modules to handle exceptions, so the failing module(s) can automatically be retried or ignored. By handling any errors by adding a “Error handler” to the module, the scenario won’t throw an error and get turned off.

For more information on how to handle errors, see:


It appears that the test@FB.com is the one that gets blocked by GetResponse. It is not my email address as such.

If I add an Ignore directive to each of the objects in the diagram, then would that work?