Subscribers is not added to Mailerlite Group

I have created a scenario between Facebook and Mailerlite in December 2022 for a Facebook Lead Ad. Ad is still running and everything works fine.
Now I wanted to created another scenario between Facebook and Mailerlite for a new Facebook Lead Ad.
For that I copied the exisiting scenario and adjust the Facebook From and group.
However, now the leads are not going through anymore. I got the following error message:
An error has been caught during operation.

And I have no Idea why, I tried to choose different groups in Mailerlite, a different Facebook Form, created the scenario from scratch but nothing seems to work and I’m lost now.
I saw there is already a discussion about the error message: message [422] Unprocessable entity
But I have tried 4 different E-Mails so I really don’t know what the issue is

Here are the error messages I got

And here is a screenshot of how the sceneario works and is set up

Just go to the scenario history and check if the output of the Facebook module has a valid email coming in and passed in the input of the next module.

Because most of the time this error occurred when there is an empty value or a wrong value mapped in the email field in Mailerlite.

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how do I do that :see_no_evil: When I check the history I see the data

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See the email is is causing the issue. Try with some specific actual email and check.

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I did it, with 3 different E-Mails which are belong to me and nothing works
So I’m wondering if I should just start with the lead ad and see if they are going through?

I have the exact same problem. Did you resolve this?

This is happening because of the API version mismatch. We solved it by creating a custom app for it.

Feel free to reach out for further help.

Yes, of course, I’d be very interested in how to solve this. How do I reach out?

Hey, I am facing exactly the same problem that has been described above. Can you please provide me with the solution? I really like your tool and would be ready to switch to paid plans but first and foremost, I need to ensure it works with MailerLite seamlessly. As for now, unfortunately I have not made this experience. New E-Mails from Facebook Ads are being added to MailerLite but unfortunately, not to the group that I have chosen…

If the default module action is not working then, you can go for the Make an API call module.

Here is the one: Groups | MailerLite developers website