Google forms + Mailerlite

When customers fill google forms, I’d like add customers to specific group in mailerlite. Scenarios send customers to mailerlite but doesn’t add to specific group. In is RuntimeError
[422] Unprocessable entity. How I can correct this scenarios? What I should do? Thank you!

Hello, @Krystian, could you try the automation again with another email address?

Apparently, certain email addresses are rejected by Mailerlite. This is due to the bounce rate being higher on them.

I found this 422 error code information on Mailerlite.

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Hello @Francisco_Fontes Thanks for your anwer. It seems to me, problem is in other place, because adress emails was send to MailerLite, but it didn’t add specific group.

This happening with many other users because Mailerlite updated their API version and Make has yet to implement it.

The best way to deal with this is to use the HTTP module and Make an API call to perform this action for now.

Also, raise a ticket with Make support and so they will notify then the Mailer Lite will be updated.


IS It solved? I have the same problem between Stripe and Mailerlite (and also with GSheets and Mailerlite).

Mailerlite gets the suscriber data, but without group…

Any solution?