I am stuck with Mailerlite

Hi, so I am making an automation that retrieves the email address of the recepient from gmail when I am Bcc’ed in a mail if the object of the mail includes specific text and I want to inject this email into a new subscriber a group in Mailerlite.
I have connected my Gmail account and entered my Mailerlite API Key.
The first step work : recognition of the email address of the recepient.
There is an error “422” for the second step and my suscriber is injected into the general subscribr list on Mailerlite but not in the specific group.
Can I get help please ?

You are doing it right @Theodore_Poinsot, you can see that the email field is being sent correctly to Mailerlite, the problem is that Mailiterlite detects that this email may have a high bounce rate and returns the 422 error.

I share information that I found:

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