Issue with Mailerlite Error 429

Hi Everyone! I would really appreciate some help. I’m running two make scenarios which are both receiving error 429 messages at the mailerlite stage. It’s ran 100s of times with zero issues over the past few days. With much higher volume before. But now I’m getting 429 errors everytime. I tried mailerlite support and they “Don’t deal with anything related to API issues” and they’ve “just checked and there is no issue, the endpoint to add subscribers is working correctly”

I’m at a loss at why I’m getting these errors on a when my operations for today is half that of the previous few days.


Really grateful for any help I can get!

Most Often API has additional caps on a per/second per/minute basis

This can pop up if you hit too many requests in a short time, even if you use less on the daily average.

1 request per second 60/minute can not be exceeded without a timeout.

This is an easy one trip