[Figma comment to ClickUp task] Check if Clickup task already exists

Hello there!

What I’d like to achieve:
A comment in Figma that contains the phrase #task is posted → ClickUp creates a task

Sounds simple and I managed to do that. The problem is… every 15 minutes ClickUp creates over and over again the same tasks.
How do I make ClickUp to check if the task already exists? So it won’t create it again.

I have found a similar issue here:

I tried to implement this but it didn’t work. It doesn’t create any tasks at all.

This is how my scenario look like:

Do you have any ideas how to solve this?
Thank you :green_heart:

Hi @Adrian,

to me it looks like you are asking Figma every 15min “please give me a list of all comments”. As the comment with #task is included, it clearly creates a new ClickUp Task every time :slight_smile:

So there are a few quick ways of solving this (most certainly more … :D):

  1. Ask Figma to only send you new comments (I don’t see a Module for this).
  2. When you ask Figma for a list of comments, only let comments pass through that were created within the last 15min. (Similar to your filter with “contains #task”)
  3. I guess Figma returns a Comment-ID or something like that? You might save this ID into your ClickUp task and then only create ClickUp-tasks for comments where the ID isn’t contained in any of the ClickUp-tasks.

I hope this helps you? :slight_smile:


Hello @Richard_Johannes!

I’ve chosen the second option as it seemed to be the easiest for me to implement and everything works as intended!

Thank you! :green_heart:

In case someone’s interested in the solution → This is how my filter looks like: