Only adding new task, that hasn't already been added - from ClickUp to Google Sheets

I’m aiming to transfer data from a task in ClickUp to Google Sheets as soon as it reaches a specific status. This transfer should occur daily without any issues.

However, I’m struggling to figure out how to add only the new tasks to Google Sheets, rather than adding all tasks in that status every day. I’ve attempted to use filters, but haven’t made any progress. It seems like it shouldn’t be too difficult, but I could really use some assistance. Thank you.

Can you show us the filter that filters only the new tasks?

That’s what i need help with

Hi @akselerga,

Based on what you’ve sent so far, this is the way to go:

  1. Update from ClickUp
  2. ‘Search Row’ module in Google Sheets app
  3. Router
    3a. Filter > if no row is found, then use Add a Row module.
    3b. Filter > if a row is found, then use Update a Row module to update cells of that row.

For step 2 you can use a unique identifier, such as the Task ID.

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Thanks for the reply!
How do i filter it? I can’t seem to get the result i want. It just ends up adding the same tasks multiple times in Google Sheets.

@Henk-Operative i am struggeling with the filtering

Try to filter on the amount of bundles that come from the Search module:

  1. If total number of bundles = 0, then there is no row found and thus a new row can be added.
  2. If total number of bindles => 1, then a row is found and it can be updated


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