Update a Google Sheet when a new task is created/updated a ClickUp list

I want to update a Google Sheet whenever I create a new task or update an existing task in the ClickUp List.

But I want to avoid creating the same task which has the same Task ID.

I used the above scenario with two array aggregators and this creates a task whenever I run it.
But I’m not sure how to add the Filters. If someone can help me with this that would be great.

You cannot update the Google Sheet using the “Add a Row” module - that will always add a new row in the Google Sheet.

You need to use a module to search the sheet for the ID, then use a router to “Add a Row” or “Update a Row” depending on whether the ID already exists.


When using this scenario do I have to select a specific row to update?

The search module should return the row number of the existing record. Use that same value from the output bundle to update the row.


Thank you for your reply. But do I need to change this time to time?

And the other thing do I need to use any filters as well?