Filling JSON array from Google Sheets

Dear all,

I’ve been working on creating a JSON from Google Sheet but now im stock, let see if someone can help me.

Im uploading e-commerce orders via JSON, the orders can contain more than one products, so all the information of products go into an array collection in the JSON, the row on google sheet has order information (outside the array) and the products information (inside the array). Im able to fill the JSON array using the information from the products but Im not able to get the order information.

Basically the cartID and the contactEmail fields (in the screenshot fill with dummy data) are not part of the array but are present on the google sheet. As you can see in the screenshot Im using a array iterator aggregator fro the products, working fine but, how can I get the information from google sheets that have not be included on the array?

Not sure if it clear…

Thanks in advance!