JSON to Google Sheets

I’m doing an HTTP request (parsing ON) to a REST API, and using IDs stored in Google Sheets, which works as expected.

I then want to populate the Google Sheet with some of the data I get, but I can’t figure out how to assign the data as the path includes an ID.

So when parsing the next ID it breaks as it now can’t make a match. Hope it makes sense :crossed_fingers:
I’m hoping somebody knows how I can get around the ID within the path or change it with the ID I’m using.

Thank you in advance

If {{5.data}} is an array, you could probably use the map function to filter out the item that is equal to the value of {{11.steam_appid}}.

See also Mapping: Accessing array’s elements by a key and Extract an item and/or its value from an array of collections video tutorial.


It might be me, but I simply can’t figure this out and it’s breaking my brain.

I have tried to map {{5.data}} within Set Variable - but it fails as the json isn’t a proper array.

And I tried to convert it to an array, following multiple examples - but simply can’t figure it out.

The json
Is to the Steam Store data (https://store.steampowered.com/api/appdetails?appids=594650&l=english&cc=us)
It’s the appids that would change for each call, but the data seems to be embedded under the appid.

From what I can see all the data is under a Collection in a Collection, in a Collection, in a Collection.
And I simply can’t figure out how to get around that.
I haven’t found any other examples for Make or integromat where the json is created like this.

This was just going to be a quick little fun experiment - but…

You can use the built-in function toArray():

This will allow you to iterate through the array, if there is more than one key,


, or if there is only one item then you can just do this in a subsequent module without using an iterator:


Thank you so much @samliew. You have really helped me a lot. I truly appreciate it.

I hope it’s okay if I have a couple of last questions.

Limit array output
Is it possible to limit the results of an array or collection to only take the first 5 or 10 results?

Here for example I would like to store the first 5 in the following variable.

Make.com converts if(
If you write if( it will automatically switch to the make.com function. This is a bit problematic when I’m trying to make a Google Sheets formula :slight_smile:
Is it possible to stop make.com from converting it?

Same result no matter the input
I have made an If statement that checks if there is a category with the ID 28 = Fully Supported, if not check if there is one with 18 = Partial support, and if either isn’t there it should write e.g. “No Support”.
But no matter the output is always “Full Supported”, which makes absolutely no sense to me.

I have tried with and without “” around the numbers, doesn’t seem to make a difference :confused:
Any idea what am I doing wrong?

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