Filling out empty metafields in Shopify

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First post on here - loving Make at the moment but:

My ultimate goal, is to enrich metafields that are empty and I simply haven’t found a way to do that yet.

I’ve set up a scenario where I get products, then I search for metafields, get metafields and then update metafield.

The problem is, that when I search for metafields, it seems to validate metafields as ‘metafields with a value’ meaning, if I have a metafield I would like to fill out based on various previous steps, I actually have no way of doing so at the moment, without adding dummy values/content to my metafields in Shopify. Am I missing a way to do this and identify the metafield definitions of a product or is it a current limitation that getting metafields by definition means metafields with values?

I was having the same problem, whereby using the “Search for Metafields” module wasn’t finding the new custom metafield I had just created in Shopify. Although counterintuitive, it turns out that finding and adding data to this empty metafield requires a different module: “Create a Metafield”. Hope this helps.

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Hey @JJoseph, welcome to the community! Thanks a lot for sharing your solution with us. It’s greatly appreciated! :pray:

@Nikolaj_DTAILS, do you think the proposed solution could work for your case? We’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Let us know, we’re all ears!