Fillout Data mapping

I use Make to retrieve Fillout data and then make reports.

Very regularly I obtain incorrect data references.

It’s been 10 times since I started again, I’m tired.
Why can’t I get my data correctly?
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Thanks for your help,

Is it the jumbled randomly named array names that are causing problems? You may need to dynamically reference these names if in fact they are different on every submission. I hope that’s not the case.

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Hi @Antoine_BAIN ,

The issue occurs only with a few fields, such as array fields and multiple choice questions. We have tried troubleshooting on our end but are getting the same result. It seems this might be an error that needs to be addressed by the Fillout team.

You can also connect a webhook in Fillout

It will provide the field names in the webhook.

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Are those fields nested in a collection?

If yes, you can use the built-in function toArray so that you can map the options.


{{ toArray(1.custom_fields) }}

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