Filter array not working as should, must be a simple fix

Over view, read an excel file, check the email doesn’t already exist in my clickup list, if not continue to add them etc.

My issue is when I try and use the filter with “Does not equal” or even “Does not contain” the filter compares each one, then if any one of the item is false, it will contiue. I noticed I was using Text version and not array so tried that too.

For example, say the below already already existed:


It would compare against each one, first one would be false, then the next one would be true, then it would add it again. When I try other filters, it doesn’t add it at all.

I tried to filter before it hads to the array and also after. I get the same results.

I use the aggreagtor since when searching through clickup list, if I didn’t use aggregator, it would just search agaist one result.

filter one:

Filter one output:

Filter two:

Filter 2 results:

I know the answer must be simple, but really struggling.
Appricate any help I can get.
Many thanks.

I’ve just tried adding a get to see what the array has and it as below:

The array itself as the email address (blurred out some of the real details, as I just changed the emails for this test to show you all)

Over here, you can simply use, If Array length is greater than 0 or equal to zero based on what you want to get. If greater than 0, It will mean it exists or else it doesn’t.



I tried that too and didn’t seem to work.

Hi all, just an update. I logged a ticket with support and they where able to help me out. Below is the solution.

Over all relevant section

First I filter to make sure the bundle returned is not null. If I had an empty list it was giving me errors earlier on.

Then map the array. This was interesting and seem the key I was missing. This is save into a a new variable.
sol 3

Once you have the variable, you can then filter on this var to see if the email exists or not. Make sure you use the Array operator.

I hope this helps otheres in the future.

He there @Mit :wave:
Thank you so much for coming back to us with the additional info from the Support Team. We deeply appreciate the update.

This way our community stays neat and tidy for other users.
Keep up the great job! :seedling: