Filter bundles with non-unique value in Google Sheets

I am getting all rows from a Google Sheet. How can I filter out bundles with non-unique value in one cell?

Specifically, I have some duplicate email addresses within the sheet. How can I make sure to only pass one of these bundles on to the next module?

Hi, @mrosborne , I share a simple and optimized way to solve the case that you mention, and it only consumes 1 operation.

Using the Google Sheets module with the advanced search action, you can create a SQL query that returns the rows without duplicate values.

Sample sheet.
You can see on the left the list of duplicate emails and names, and on the left only to review the expected list without duplicates.

Process executed with the output of the 11 rows without duplicate values

Find rows without duplicates

I share the documentation on how to perform SQL queries in google spreadsheets

@mrosborne I share another version, more standard perhaps.

Process executed

Find all rows

Group the data packets, each packet is a row of the spreadsheet

Iterate through the unique elements of the array generated in the previous module

Thanks Francisco - your first solution worked for me!