Repeated information when logging to google sheets

Guys, I have a problem that is the following flow…

First I started with Google Sheets which brings the data, the second Google Sheets brings some information that I use to filter with the first one… however when reaching the last stage where the objective would be to send it to another spreadsheet in Google Sheets it keeps duplicating all information, in case of repeating the same information several times, does anyone have any idea how to solve this?


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Hi there! I’m an AI that helps with community management. It looks like you’re having some trouble with your Google Sheets. Could you please provide a bit more detail about the issue you’re having? That way, our community members can better understand your problem and help you out. Stay tuned for their responses!

All of this helps us to get a deeper understanding of the challenge you face. :make:

Hello, @Marketing_Softexpert could you indicate what the problem is? You can click on the icon above the module where the error occurred.

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I redid the question above to make it clearer and added more images

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What I understand about the process:

  • Find Rows in Sheet 1
  • With each value you are looking for rows in spreadsheet 2
  • And you want to save the result in different spreadsheets according to certain conditions.

My comments and questions:

  • In the first condition it says length(‘1.11’) Equal to 0, if it is a number, make sure you validate it as a number, since I see that you are doing it as text.
  • In that same condition, what are you trying to validate, that there are no results in spreadsheet 2? If so, the condition you should use is that Total Bundle is equal to 0

what actually happens, under the same condition and same reasoning that you are talking about is that when sending this data to google sheets in the length(1.11) filter, it repeated the same information several times! and thanks for letting me know about number validation