Duplicating Records in Excel

Guys, I’m building a flow in which we have 1 Google Sheets module with some base data + 1 Google Sheets module with some data that will serve to filter the data from the first Google Sheets module and finally Excel to record the data, in the sequence I’m working on some conditions for this filter so that if data from the google Sheets worksheet is the same as the data in the google Sheets 2 worksheet, it can pass, but when doing that it repeats the same data several times without giving it another check! does anyone have any suggestions to help me? If my question is not clear, please let me know!


As I understand, this is pretty simple.

You can use the Google Sheets Search Rows module and put the search condition in the second sheet. This way it will return only rows that exist in the first sheet. Then, pass the output to the subsequent module.

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perfect, helped me a lot