Recognize duplicates excel

Hi make community,

I transfer Data from an App to Excel. The App give me an ID. How can I check if the field already exists in Excel? If the ID is present, no new data record should be written.

I hope you have good way for me.

Hi. You can use the “Search for Rows” action in Make to check if the ID already exists in the Excel sheet. This action allows you to search for a specific value in a column and return the matching rows. If the search returns any rows, it means that the ID already exists in the sheet and you can skip the “Create/Update Row” action to prevent duplicate records.

If you need additional support, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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I don’t see any search module in the Excel app , the search row is for google sheet

I came up with this solution, not sure if it’s the easiest , but it works.
This is the scenario test:

The blueprint:
check id blueprint.json (14.2 KB)

The Excel file:

I read the ID column and put the bundles in an array and use the formula contains() in a filter to check if the Id exist.
The cell values are nested in the array, I output the value array using the map formula

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@makeitfuture Tibi created an app for this that can compare to files. Let him show case this here.


The approch sugested by @Florian is correct.

I would sugest also few improvements:

  • use deduplicate on your initial data to make sure you do not have the same id twice
  • use makeitfuture tooldbox module multiple rows upload to only execute once for multiple rows (I think this is the app @SebastianMertens was reffering too)

Let me know if you have questions.