Filter in Airtable Search Records not working

I need an Airtable Search Records module to filter results based on an array containing a specific Record ID. So, if the array contains the record_id, then the record

The array is a lookup called {la_attribute_category_tags}

I have tried the two formulas that appears in the screenshot:

but they gives me the error:

[422] The formula for filtering records is invalid: Unknown field names: false

I was wondering if someone could help me with that.


Hey There @Chakana ,
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Try Using the get() function to get the first element of the “tag_id” array ,
Let me know if this helps.


Instead of using get which requires an index, if want the first element, you can use the built-in “first” function.

BUT, this field is supposed to be an Airtable formula. Using contains is a Make function, that only returns true or false, and when passed to Airtable, it is not a valid formula.

You’ll need to click on the purple “Airtable’s website” link below the field to find out how to create an Airtable formula.


Thanks Ishan and Samliew,

On seeing in Samliew’s response that CONTAINS is not a function Airtable will understand, I found a function that makes the trick, which is:

IF(SEARCH(“{{44.tag_id[1]}}”,{ra_attribute_category_tags}&" ")> 0, TRUE(), FALSE())

I really appreciate the guidance provided by both of you, which helped me to identify a solution.


No problem, glad I could help!


Hi @Chakana :wave:,
Congratulations on solving this puzzle with @Ishan’s and @samliew’s help! :jigsaw:

Thanks a lot for remembering to share your insights with us and marking them as a solution. This way our community stays tidy, neat, and easy to look for solutions. :broom:

Keep up the great work!

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