Filtering all date in a notion database corresponding to today for anniversary notification


I use make to automate my Notion space.

In a scenario, I want to make a slack notification when this is the birthday day of our employees
The birthday date is registered in a notion database in format YYYY-MM-DD
So i’m failling to filter all bundle where the MM-DD matching the day today.

Thank you very much for your answer.


Are you formatting the date from Notion to be MM-DD to compare to today (also formatted to MM-DD)?

If you can include a screenshot of your filter, that would be helpful :slight_smile:


Hi Michael,

This is what i tryed to do …

If you scroll down on the dropdown menu, there’s an option for date/time conditionals instead of text contains. Try that instead

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I update with that :
and i have this error

As documentation say that formatDate return value type is Text so i’m supposed to use text operator !!??
I do not have any error yet as i had a typo issue in my previous update. Here is the filter now

But still not working enven i have a 08/03 on my filter input bundle

Any log anywhere to debug ?