Filtering Comments On Facebook Page

We have a scenario in place for an AI response to comments to posts on clients’ Facebook pages that performs well except one big obstacle: We do not want to reply to comments made to responses.

Example 1 -
The page posts: “Happy Birthday to employee name.”
A user responds: “Hope you have a great day!”
Our AI responds to user: “Employee Name is the best!”
Our employee also responds to the user from her personal Facebook account: “Thank you!”

We do not want to respond to the employee post. The obvious solution would be to filter out the user IDs of every employee’s personal FB account, but that’s not feasible.

Example 2 -
The page posts: “It’s a tough Monday, time for coffee.”
A user responds: “I’m on my third cup!”
Our AI responds: “We need more Nespresso, stat!”
The user responds: “I love Nespresso!”

We do not want to respond/comment a second (or more) time. We want to limit the response to any user comment to ONE. This seems like a silly point, but without the ability to filter “sub-comments,” the sequence sends each comment to the AI without context of the original

The scenario does the following:

  1. Watch Posts
  2. Lists Comments
  3. Gets Comment
  4. ChatGPT

Ideas much appreciated!!!

Hello :blob_wave:,

You could possibly save the post ID into the Data Store at the end of the scenario flow and, at the same time, perform a Data Store search before the creation of a comment.

The comment would then be created only in case the Data Store wouldn’t find a specific post ID in the database.

The above flow should then ensure ChatGPT creates only one comment per post.

I hope it helps.

Cheerio :cat_roomba: