Filters - Advanced? Using regex, matches pattern

I have a data store that contains 1 of 3 values. “Active - Registration” “Active - Available” or “Inactive”.

I want to filter based on 3 data points:

I know using the ‘or’ operator doesn’t work in a filter, but I included it just to make the concept easier to see.

I’ve used the “matches pattern” operator and put in regex (checked to make sure it works), and it doesn’t seem to understand the regex.

What is “matches pattern” and what is it looking for? The support docs mention its existence and seem to assume that’s sufficient to use it.

If I set up two group of 3 filters using and/or, then the data passes through my filter by taking the Active - X route that the current value isn’t, so that doesn’t work.

Can someone explain what “matches pattern” is looking for?

Something like this perhaps?



Alternatively, you can invert the operator (not equal → equal) and simply check for the third option.


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Can you paste screenshot of your those 2 group of filters. Because i belive that is the only solution with filters. Except this you have to use filters.

Just to explain, with those 3 filters you have to use “and”

Between those 2 groups you have to use “or”

Let me know if you have any further questions?

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I’ll try that, but the problem is that all of the regex I use in that specific tester shows that it should work, but then doesn’t work at all once inside of Make.

Did you also select “Does not match pattern” instead of “Not equal to” like what you are doing now?


I did, that was the first thing I tried, just in case I brain-farted and clicked the wrong thing. I got the same result with either pattern match operator.