Multiple AND/OR in a filter

This has gotta be simple and I’m just missing it.

I have a Router with two paths and each has a filter.

The first:

If “path” contains “7-lessons” OR “7-short-lessons”
NET_WORTH contains “$500,000 to $749,999” OR “$100,000 to $149,999” OR “$250,000 to $374,999”

The second is similar.

So each has two conditions, one of which must be met, AND a second condition, in which one of several conditions could be met.


Group A (If one of these is TRUE)
Value A1
Value A2
Value A3

Group B (AND if at least one of these is true, also)
Value B1
Value B2
Value B3

The the data continues. If not, it’s blocked.

The math type “contains” with a bunch of AND OR becomes a quick mess and I can’t see any obvious way to group items together.

I tried using an Array Contains with “Value A1”, “Value A2”, “Value A3” and that is apparently not how you do that.

I tried using a Regex “$(500,000 to 749,999|100,000 to 149,999|250,000 to 374,999|120,000 to 149,999|150,000 to 199,999|250,000+|200,000 to 249,000)” and that didn’t work either.

How do I do this?

Current workflow
Regex Filters that don’t work

blueprint.json (39.8 KB)

Input Bundle:

“from”: “team”,
“mode”: “select”,
“values”: {
“8”: “”,
“14”: “$500,000 to $749,999”,
“16”: “2023-10-10T18:57:02.787Z”
“sheetId”: “Ross Wealth Advisors”,
“sharedDrive”: “0AMQVs8LlE-1AUk9PVA”,
“spreadsheetId”: “/1sXtySA7pvb6I-c6ZP0J4_zU1A8gezE2O/14GCzHJ_cxxS29MF6sTxKcU8Crp38Vt9V/1hFahQ5GjxUyhcavvJR7JNCJbwCNPe75y1ji1k4Z3ELc”,
“includesHeaders”: true,
“insertDataOption”: “INSERT_ROWS”,
“valueInputOption”: “USER_ENTERED”,
“insertUnformatted”: false,
“useDomainAdminAccess”: true

Here are the filters: Filter 1, Filter 1, Filter 2, Filter 2

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