Find mailchimp bounced mails

Hi, I would like to create a scenario that allows me to find all the bounced emails during a campaign to insert on a Google Sheet. where can I find this data? I don’t think I see it. I imagine the appropriate module is “watch campaign”. A thousand thanks.


Hi @japozz,

When an email bounces, the email address will be added to the Rejection Denylist. After the rejection expires, the email address remains on the list for reference, but email sent to that address will be attempted again.

You can fetch the Rejection List via this API endpoint:

Afaik, there is no standard module for this action in the Mailchimp App, so you’ll have to use the Make an API Call module.

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Excuse me, I seem to have referenced the Mailchimp Transactional API instead of the Marketing API.

For the Marketing API (which I presume you use), you can fetch email activity of a campaign like this:

This report contains activity per sent email, in which you can find and filter bounces:


ok here I am again after some MORE digging. Apperently you can fetch all bounced contacts per list if you filter on status ‘cleaned’. Somehow that terminology is logical for Mailchimp.

Try this endpoint:

GET lists/{list_id}/members?status=cleaned