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Hi there,

I’m trying to connect to the Flodesk API so I can get my squarespace buyers to my flodesk email list using this Flodeks API reference: API Reference | Flodesk
but I’m getting a 401 error.

If anyone can help, I would be really grateful! Cheers



** Results **

I don’t know the api, but if I read the API Reference correctly this way should work.

In make.com choose the http modul > “Make a request”
Set everthing as you did befor and add the header like this:

Maybe it works if you just replace “api_key” with “Authorization” in you keychain settings:

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You’re an absolute legend Levin! Thanks so much. I updated according to the first image you provided and it worked. The second step wasn’t required. :grinning:

I have another question if you don’t mind. I am trying to add subscribers to a certain segment but it’s not posting.

What I’ve tried that returns a 400 error

  • Updating the URL to “https://api.flodesk.com/v1/subscribers/{id_or_email}/segments” I use the variables to update the id and paste the segment id #

What I’ve tried that returns a 200 success but doesn’t add the subscriber to the segment

  • Adding id and segment_ids in the parameters
  • Adding id and segment_ids in the Headers
  • Adding the following in the Request Content
"segments": [
    "id": "xxxxxxx",
    "name": "Test Product"}],
"custom_fields": {
  "test_cf": "yes",

First Image: Set-Up → Second Image: Results

This is a little more tricky and I’m not sure if its 100% correct this way.

First the id of the subcriber must be in the path (Replace the {id} with the real id)
Second the segement ids must be an array of strings. I think the format as presented in the screenshot should work, but maybe some testing will be needed.

Replace the {segements_id_1} with a real segement id and delete the second if only one is needed.

	"segment_ids": ["{segement_id_1}", "{segement_id_2}"]

:clap::clap: Levin the Legend! That’s it! Thanks so much. I tried a very similar version to this, but didn’t include the brackets around the segment ids.

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