Flodesk integration help needed

Hi there,

I could use some help with my Flodesk API integration. I am checking my IMAP account for a specific email and extract the email address from the email text from it to add to a Flodesk segment. I am getting a 404 error though.

This is how I configured it:

This is error message I get:

Any ideas?

Hi @Alex_Reijnierse ,

The URL field should not include the curly brackets “{}”. In the API documentation, these are just to show you where to place the id or email.


Hi there,

Thanks for that suggestion. I am getting another error message when I remove the {} though:

Hi @Alex_Reijnierse ,

The next thing I’d try, would be to URL encode the email address. That would explain an “invalid character” message. Use Make’s encodeURL function to wrap around the email address in the URL field.

So it will look something like this:


Thanks Terry,

That does not seem to work either though:

Results in:

Hi @Alex_Reijnierse ,

This might sound obvious, but…

This subscriber is already set up on Flodesk? To add to a segment, they must already have been created using the subscriber module.

And their email address is exactly as the one you are passing?

And the segment already exists?


Hi @Alex_Reijnierse ,

I also notice you have an extra comma (,) after the square bracket (]) in your JSON. This could be confusing the API into thinking their is another record to come.


Hmm, i did not create the subscriber yet as i didn’t think it was necessary. See also other post of someone who succeeded but i have not been able to replicate that success

Flodesk API - Questions & Answers - Make Community

I may need to do some more digging to get this to work. At one point i thought it worked for me but then it stopped working for some reason, not sure why.

Hi @Alex_Reijnierse ,

See also other post of someone who succeeded but i have not been able to replicate that success

Flodesk API - Questions & Answers - Make Community

Yes, in the first part of that thread, the Maker was using the Subscriber end-point, not the Segments end-point.

You’ll need to add the Subscriber. However, you may be able add them to Segments in the same module.


Hi Terry,

Sorry for the late reply but was on holiday. Picking this up again hoping you can still assist.

I did as you suggested and tried to create a subscriber first before adding to a segment. I used this HTTP Make a request module:

Getting an unknown error message now. Any ideas?

Hi @Alex_Reijnierse

This error message is because there is a comma after your email address in the request content. Commas are used to separate Key-Value pairs from each other. The last one shouldn’t have one.

That did it Terry! I am so grateful for your help.

This is how it works for me now in case someone else wants to do the same:

Add/update subscriber module:

Add to segment module:

Be sure to replace “my key” with your Flodesk API key and the segment id with yours.


Hi there @Alex_Reijnierse :wave:

I just wanted to hop in for a moment to say thank you so much for sharing your final setup with us. This can be incredibly beneficial to someone down the road and we 100% appreciate that you kept the community in mind and circled back here to share what you learned.

Thanks again and keep up the great work :clap:

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