For Mac users: Can't "click to map" while using Safari. Just me?

Hey Makers, especially those of the macOS using variety :wave:

I don’t know since when, but probably since the MacOS Sonoma update, I can’t just click on an item or function anymore, I have to drag & drop it into the field that I want to map it too. This is the case when using Safari Browser, which I prefer. I just checked with Chrome and get the normal “click to map” behaviour as I know and love it.

So before I reach out to the Support-Team I quickly wanted to ask here if anyone experiences the same issue or if it’s just me.

Also I’d like to know what’s going on on the technical side of things. Should anyone reading this have an idea about what I am talking about and what’s going on I’d be very happy to find out more.


Same here, except I also experienced it using updated chrome on Sonoma.

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Hello @here :wave:

First of all, thanks a lot for raising this here in the community.

I just wanted to confirm that this is a bug related to Safari/ Chrome + macOS Sonoma. Our dev team is now investigating to see if there is anything we can do about it or if it’s strictly browser-related.

I will keep an eye on this and make sure to post updates here as soon as I learn anything new.

Thanks a lot for bringing our attention to this issue :pray:

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