Formatting Automatically Generated Google Doc?

Cheers all! I’m working on generating an automatically generated google document which gets the information from responses to a google form. I’m currently using everything directly through make (no API calls). The issue I am trying to resolve is that the paragraphs that are automatically generated in my scenario are not formatted in the same way as the rest of the document (mainly bold/underline/numbering issues). I’ve been looking into this but haven’t found a way around this. Would appreciate any hints or ideas if anyone has resolves this sort of thing. Many thanks!

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You can try using HTML tags for each formatting i.e. Bold, Underline etc.

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Hi. Really as Manish tell you, the field content accepts html. So you must use html tags to change the text format.


Thanks, Helio!
If you have questions reach out :wink:

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Many thanks for the responses! I’ve tried playing around with HTML tags but the tags are then not recognized when the document is generated. I should clarify that I am using the Google Documents module ‘Create Document from Template’, which relies on variables to create the document. The exact wording of each variable is derived from the data store. So still trying to find ways of solving this. Many thanks again!

I also haven’t been able to find a solution. The documentation says it accepts HTML content, but if you pass in HTML content it will just display it verbatim, showing the tags instead of formatting it as rich text.

Yup - I’m writing to update that I could not find a solution for this. I removed as much formatting as I could, where I could and am hoping to find a better solution.