Formatting issues with ChatGPT + Slack

Hey dear community,

I have an automation that is sending outputs from a Make a request module (that performs a call to a custom chatbot) into slack with a Create message module.

My current challenge is formatting the current AI Generated content from the module correctly, so for the final user reading, the text is visually appealing.

I’ve seen other thread on similar topics, but not addressing this specific scenario where Slack’s input is AI generated content in markdown or html.

Here are a few images on the automation:

This is how the output should look like:

I have tried the markdown option on slack.


My first attempt was with just the two modeules together:

Then I tried using Html to markdown. And Markdown to html. And different combinations of those, unsuccessfully.

The only way I got a nice formatted output was with gmail as the final module, converting markdown to html. But I couldn’t find the way to replicate this on slack.

Thank you so much for the help!


Welcome in the Make community! I hope you will enjoy here!

Can you please send a screenshot of the output of the HTTP module so that we see what it looks like?

If ever it’s not a dummy workaround I propose, is it possible that you ask AI to generate a response in a format recognized by slack? Sometimes, they have knowledge of the format expected and are able to leverage it.


Hi Benjamin! Great idea.

This is the screenshot of the output of the HTTP module:

It’s strange, since it’s markdown

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I made a few tests, and apparently, Slack expects only one * for bold (I didn’t test the others)

Gives this

So, In your mapping, try to add a replace, like this:

For you it should look like this

let me know the outcome




Hey Benjamin! Amazing, it worked! And very robust solution! Thank you!