Formatting issues with ChatGPT + Docs Template (Multiple Fields)

Hey dear community,

I have an automation that is sending outputs from multiple ChatGPT modules, into a single Google Docs Template, containing multiple mapped fields.

My current challenge is formatting the current AI Generated content from ChatGPT modules correctly, so for the final user reading, there’s not formatting needed.

I’ve seen other thread on similar topics, but not addressing this specific scenario where you have multiple fields.

Here are a few images on the automation:

Here’s an example of how final output format is looking:


Any recommendations on how to prompt ChatGPT to output in a format that Google Docs understands, or format the ChatGPT output within the Google Docs module correctly, for the multiple fields?

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You cannot use Create a Document from a Template if you want to insert formatting.

Since you are using Markdown, you could also use Markdown to HTML module, before using a Create a Document (NOT template).

Alternatively, prompt the chat completion modules to exclude any formatting, and manually add the formatting in the template itself first.

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Thank you Sam! I will evaluate possible changes to the workflow with your inputs, and see what works best. Have a great week!


No problem, glad I could help!

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