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Hi - I’m searching for how to write out a formula in make that includes a number to the power of 18 (exponent). Best I figure the best container for something like this is “Set a Variable.” Can anyone advise? Coming from Zapier I’ve learned the spreadsheet style formulas don’t always seem to be recognized.


And a quick followup, separate I need to retrieve the long numbered string from an http step that returns something similar to:

… wow, this sort of thing has been murder as the text regex parser seems to rarely work as expected. I’ve had some success with FIRST and LAST function but had to build out a couple intermediate steps, which is annoying. But God help me if I need to get something Second or whatever. :slight_smile:

Love to receive any tips.

Make is a visual automation platform. Share us a screenshot to understand you better. Thanks!

Trying to retrieve a value…

… maybe I should try to build a regex for content from last } to previous comma?

More basic need… what is the best container for spreadsheet style formulas? What formulas/operators does Make recognize for figuring out value of a number to the 18th power? Unable to locate anything in online help files.

Thanks !

Another general question, see the following. This is something I plan to update with variables in the future. But just to start I can’t figure out a way to get Make to run and test this component. For example, will it accept the % or do they need to be in decimal form? Maybe there is a better container for something like this.

Oops, forgot about PARSE RESPONSE option for web hook output.

So now that parse response is on you will have the result key available to add to a variable easily right? I don’t think there’s an exponent feature in the math functions so you’ll need to create an iterator to do the multiplication with set variable to keep multiplying it 18 times.

Maybe there is an undocumented exponent function ?

Thanks, I haven’t learned the itinerator yet so I literally had to multiply it 18 times.

The parser helps but I found a weird feature / bug - parsing the json also reformats date fields. That might be handy in some cases but it’s a nightmare for saving to a MongoDB.



It doesn’t reformat them. It actually converts them to the date data type and applies the time zone for the make instance time zone. Hopefully the actual date and time is not changed in anyway. It’s just showing you the default format and you can use formatDate() to convert it to any other text format.

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Thanks. Through trial and error I discovered I am able to add the format to Mongodb as a date field despite the format visually appearing incompatible. Worked out. Thanks!

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Some Extra Information.

@ryan_rockwood for Google sheets functions that don’t exist in make, you can create a helper Google sheet, with columns for inputs, a formula column, and an outputs column.

Then use the “set row values” and “get cell value” modules to run excel formulas in make.

In this specific case: It would turn 17 multiplication :make: operations, into 2 :make: operations for the exponent example.