FreshDesk to Pipedrive integration

Hey all. Just tried to create automation and meet this error on login into Freashdesk with my API key

ENOTFOUND: Service is temporarily unavailable.

Any can help?

Hi @sergi

To solve your issue, please enter your domain name (Helpdesk Name) exactly how it appears on Freshdesk. If your Freshdesk URL is ‘’ then enter ‘abc’ here.

Msquare Support

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I did it. It doesnt work returning the same error.

Can you generate a new API key and try again with only the business name?

Hi, I already reset API Key and tried. The same error. Do not get what you mean saying “ONLY BUSINESS NAME” I’m using web address provided by Freshdesk.

@sergi , please read the explanation and the replies above thoroughly.

→ If your Freshdesk URL is ‘’ then enter ‘abc’ here.

So do not enter the full URL, only the part which comes before freshdesk.
And make sure you have a correct API.

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Thanks connection works now.

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