From in Email

I want the from of the Email application in Make to come from the mapping of a table. It doesn’t work. The from is always my Make account email


What are modules 24 and 28? Please take a detailed screen shot of where this data is coming from.

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and this is the value 28

I try get(; “email”; 1) and it still doesn’t work

Get is an array function. Need to see more of the secure. Do you know How to get the output json. Paste it here.

this is the output
“messageId”: “

The output we need is from module 28.

Hi Nancy,

The problem you face is most likely due to trying to use a “from” email that is not authorized. See the tooltip below the “from” field:

“id”: “62445b51adac6e001eecbd13”,
“field_1”: “Nancy Miller”,
“field_1_raw”: {
“first”: “Nancy”,
“middle”: “”,
“last”: “Miller”,
“title”: “”,
“full”: “Nancy Miller”
“field_2”: “<a href=“”>”,
“field_2_raw”: {
“email”: “”,
“label”: null
“field_3”: “",
“field_3_raw”: "
“field_4”: “active”,
“field_4_raw”: “active”,
“field_5”: “<span class=“profile_3”>Super Admin
<span class=“profile_17”>Loan Officer”,
“field_5_raw”: [

The FROM is my own email.
How can we see that we can’t send email from my make account.
I searched on Make and found nothing about it, I also searched on gmail and found nothing either.

The connection for the email module is for email If not it will not work.

Also what error message do you get?

No error.
It does not send the email with the FROM of the Gmail module it sends it with the From of my Make account.

if that’s what it is I don’t understand the purpose to have a FROM from the mapping of a table

Most email providers will only let you email from your email. If you want to email from different emails from the same domain you should use a tool like Sendgrid. If you only have a few different “from” emails the best would be to create a connection for each and use a router.

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The purpose of the FROM field in the Gmail module is to identify the from address. The Gmail module must be authenticated to send on behalf of a specific email address. What you’re doing is email spoofing. If you’re getting the right email address in there and rather the issue is gmail refuses to send that’s a security issue. The from is to specify emails gmail can send on behalf of using the alias feature in gmail.

As @loic.wiseflow says use a proper email system that allows to do what you want here. Sendgrid and mailgun are 2. Gmail is not for doing this.


Thanks both of you, I will used Sendgrid, but I need to wait 48 hrs before I can tried it because I add DNS information on my domain.

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