Changing "From" Name That Appears in Gmail Emails Sent via Make

Hi there,

I’m looking to send a few emails out through my gmail account via Make. However, when I test the email the name that appears in my inbox is “hello” which is the first word of the email address it is being sent from.

I’m wondering if there is a way to change that to either be what it is in my Gmail account? or to something custom?

Image attached FYI.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Trade_Lab
It shouldn’t say hello, you may have filled the from address, leave this field empty to show whatever your gmail is configured to show.

Alternatively, if you want to use custom name, you should be able to do it using “email” module:

Hey, same problem and your solution didn’t work unfortunately

The Gmail module Alias doesn’t work with Make.

Hey, thanks for getting back quickly! Does it mean that it would always display the first name? Thanks.

Yes, the name added to your primary email address.

In my case, it’s not using Gmail first Name . It’s using “info” which is the first word of

Are you planning to fix this?