Gmail alias

Hello. I have an email alias setup with my Google Workspace account. Am I able to authenticate the email alias in as the sender in the send Gmail module? Thank you.

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Have you tried using the “From” field? It even has some instructional details below the field.



Hi, samliew! Yes, I did. The “Name” comes through correctly but it still shows the parent email, not the email alias to the recipient.

I ended up using the email module instead of the Gmail module and set the from, sender, reply-to, and in-reply-to to my email alias.


Hello @Nathan_Atkinson :wave:

Great to hear that you managed to get this up and running using the ‘email’ module. :clap:

Also, thank you very much for stepping back in here and letting us know what did the trick for you :pray:

Just FIY: I marked your last comment as a solution to keep the community organized and easy to look for answers. :white_check_mark:

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