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I want to create a post on Instagram , but want to tag a user only if certain condition exist, else I want the field to be empty and be ignored by Make. I have tried all the functions. i.e Null, Empty etc. nothing seems to be working .

Can someone provide a solution

Problem statement



Blue print

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Use a router and clone this module.

The filter for module 1

The fallback filter for module 2


Actually I want the second photo to only have a user name and first photo to have no tag/ user name .
I want to ignore the first value / photo and give no tags in first photo . Hope I am more clear now.

Router will not help in this case.

Ignore first value

But keep the second value

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This will not help as I have to ignore first value, but keep the second value

Hi the solution is filter may be you are not understanding it correctly . One side is the if not true you can do without the second value user name and if its true you can add second image with user name.
Thank you


I didnt got you. Is it possible to leave first username empty and add a second one this is my question

Yes It is possible and way is filter , because that is required field field and you cannot use if empty here you have to you filter and path !!
thank you