Ignore one field if empty


Trying to sync my contacts from airtable to pipedrive but I cannot figure out how to tell make.com to ignore the phone number fields (two fields) if empty.

I just found out that pipedrive refuses if I just send empty items (even if the label is empty using a function).

I know I’m probably supposed to use the “map” switch but can’t find any tutorial.

This is what I’m trying to get make.com to ignore if empty:

Thank you very much for your help,

Hi @Joachim_Brindeau

You can solve it two ways:

  1. Use router and two pipedrive create contact modules. Use filter to set if phone number is empty, then go this way, and if not empty go that way. Don’t use phone number field in one module and use phone number field in another module.
  2. Use ifempty formula to assign a dummy number if the number doesn’t exist