How to omit Null values

Hi everyone.
I’m searching for Airtable records in Make, but I only want records that is not null.
Does anyone knows?

I’m trying this but it dosen’t work

ifempty({StartedDate}; ‘01-01-2030’; {StartedDate}) < addDays(now; -30))


Hi @Jesper_Lauridsen
would you mind doing a screenshot of the filter you use?
Do you use it within the Airtable Search Module or in the filter after it?
It’s hard for me to understand what’s exactly going on without seeing it :confused:

Hi Richard.

Thanks for taking the time.

You will find the screenshot below.

I try to add a default date in case the Airtable cell is empty.

Am I right in understanding that when I make a call from Make to Airtable it’s the Airtable coding I’ve to use?



aaaah @Jesper_Lauridsen this looks like a great workflow - congrats!

But I have to answer you question with a “no”. You cannot use AirTable’s coding in Make rather you need to use variables.
I guess one result from the “Search Records” Modules contains the variable “StartedDate”? You need to put it in there as you do with the GoogleSheets value “InsertDate” (it has to look the same). Please remove {} and ‘’.

Dates might be hard to come by sometimes so let’s see how this works and if not please send another screenshot :slight_smile:

Hi again

Does this look better ? (First screenshot)

Sorry for not being precise about the coding. I meant the formula code in a Airtable Search Records module (Second screenshot)



The first one looks better!
But there is something missing in the Ifempty(…)>addDays(…) statement? I guess you need an if-statement or change it kind of completely. Which scenarios should pass the filter and which ones shouldn’t? It only says “if insert date is within 1 month”. 1 month from now? From StartedDate?

You can use „run this module only“ and see if you get result by using the search record module.