Ignore an empty field in record and just add the rest of the record?


Just started using Make. Very used to Zapier but can’t figure out how to continue running a scenario when a field is empty. I’ve linked Webflow to Airtable. Two fields seem to be giving an issue. In Airtable there are two attachments. A PDF field and an Image field. If the fields are empty the scenario stops running. It’s refusing to have the attachment field empty. I just need it to keep adding records with the empty fields and not stop. If I say ignore it skips the record and doesn’t add it at all.

It depends a bit on your specific scenario. You can map empty values from one module, to another. Then the output will also just be empty.

But if you have a scenario where that specific field can not be empty (e.g. an email address), I would filter out the whole record. For that, you click on the dots connecting 2 modules, and you can add a filter.

@NolaDigital Thanks, doesn’t seem to want to be empty, there are two fields that keep blocking things, one is an pdf attachment and one and image attachment that will get pulled from Webflow to Airtable. The moment a field is empty with no URL I get this:

Not sure how to get it to just leave the field empty if there’s no url to upload to Airtable.


I don’t use Airtable. But here are two things you might try:

  1. Create a second Airtable module without including the attachment at all. Then use a router to select the correct version to use.
  2. Change the attachment to null. Something like this…

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